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I learned the basics of chess on my own. I had an interest for it as a scholastic player. I read some classical books, and used some time tested best selling software.

I have developed experiences learning on my own using the products available at the key ages while going through grade levels K-5  through K-12.

Today I am a semi-professional player (semi-professional, because I dont make a living from chess), titled master, by FIDE, the world chess organization which grants titles and ratings to players internationally.

I have organized my lessons in 10 modules which make it easy to assimilate to students of all levels how to use software to improve their chess. For beginners, we can start with Chessmaster X, and I can reveal all the features of the software which are excellent for developing quickly at chess from the eyes of a trained professional/semi-professional. 

Basically, as a beginner, you have 3 body's of knowledge or information which you need to immerse yourself in: openings, middlegames, and endgames. 

I use the Chessmaster software, together with some recommendations of best selling book series on how to assimilate the information as fast as possible.

the length of a college course and a half I would estimate.

from the perspective of an expert, or enthusiast at chess, I can teach you how to use programs such as  Chessbase, together with Rybka and Fritz, to train and polish your chess expertise to the master level.

I specialize in working with experts and enthusiasts. 
Personally I take chess training very seriously. I had a period of two years where I worked with different chess professionals and exchanged ideas and opinions on how to work on chess. I encapsulate and synthesize this information on to my lessons.

  • Chessbase
  • Rybka
  • Fritz 
  • SCID
  • Chess Position Trainer
The best part of the lessons is learning how to study every phase of the game with the key software features, and how to use the software you currently have to train the phase that you want in the event you do not own all the software.

  • Openings
  • Middlegames
  • Endgames
with... etc. etc.

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